An open source Freelancer engine re-implementation

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A re-implementation of Freelancer in C# and OpenGL. Freelancer is not currently playable at current. This is a tech-demo

Currently running on OSX, Windows and Linux. Pull Requests are welcome!

To help speed up development, donations can be sent to

General Requirements

Build Instructions


Note: SDL2, OpenAL-Soft and Freetype for windows are included in this repository.

  1. Make sure you have the .NET Framework 4.5 installed with Visual Studio 2015
  2. Clone this repository and submodules with whichever client you choose
  3. Build src/LibreLancer.sln, and launch Launcher
  4. Enjoy


  1. Install mpv, mono, sdl2, openal and freetype
  2. Clone this repository with git clone --recursive
  3. Build src/LibreLancer.sln in Xamarin Studio or with xbuild, and launch Launcher
  4. Enjoy


  1. Install Xcode 7
  2. Install Xamarin Studio and the Xamarin.Mac SDK
  3. Make sure you have homebrew installed, and install the sdl2 and freetype packages
  4. Clone this repository with git clone --recursive
  5. Build src/LibreLancer.sln in Xamarin Studio, and launch Launcher.Mac
  6. OPTIONAL: If you are packaging, install in packaging/assets (you can run packaging/mpv_minimal to do this)
  7. OPTIONAL: Run packaging/package_osx to produce an app bundle
  8. Enjoy!